Pleased to meet you

Flo and Randy Klackle welcome you to Lice Clinics of America in Northwest Indiana.

We get many questions from friends and family regarding how we got started in this business. After raising three great kids, and dealing with the same trials and tribulations that have brought you here to this page, we found ourselves with the opportunity to start our own business. We wanted to get into a business where we felt we could truly help families during this stressful time, that we recall living through when our children were younger. Lice Clinics of America offered the best solution for both us, and we’re passionate about bringing that solution to your family.

We look forward to the opportunity in serving you with a proven process that will free your family of this stressful, heartbreaking infestation. Our number one goal is your 100% satisfaction.

Our mission:

Provide a safe and friendly clinic environment

Treat all of our clients with respect, compassion and care

Execute our services thoroughly and confidentially

Carefully complete our head inspections and diagnose with integrity and honesty

The last point is very important. At times clients think that they have head lice, when in fact they do not. We will never treat someone who passes our head checks with a negative result.

Businesses come and go, but will never sacrifice our integrity, because we know that once that’s lost, it can never be regained.


We back our procedure for 30 days if you follow our instructions*

Our staff is certified

We will insure a hygienic treatment, using sanitized equipment

You will leave with clear “after treatment” instructions

We look forward to serving you.

Call us right away for an appointment so that you and your family can get your life back to normal again.

Randy & Flo Klackle

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